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AIA SWFL Design Awards 2018

Hlevel is proud to announce winning two design awards at this year’s AIA SWFL Design Awards 2018.

The event was held at the historic and recently renovated site of The Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center,  which is a must visit place in itself. The jury was nobody less than the renowned architecture firm  Schulman & Associates from Miami (http://www.shulman-design.com/). We were looking forward to meeting and listening to Mr. Schulman’s keynote speech but unfortunately, he had to cancel his appearance. We hope he can make it next time!

Merit Award for Interior Design

The Merit Award for Interior Design went to the Design for the new Pyure Organics HQ here in Naples, FL. We were fortunate to work with the owner on the renovation of an old warehouse and transform it into a trendy and fun workplace. The use of sustainable and organic materials was key to emphasize the company’s mission to promote their mission of a healthier lifestyle. Btw, their Stevia-derived sugar substitute is going mainstream now and I spotted it in big chain stores. Way to go!

From the jury: “The loft renovation picks up on a very relevant theme of re-use and renewal. It is spatially complex and uses a rich palette of materials to achieve a surprisingly warm feeling. although loft workspaces can often seem cold, this one looks like a great environment for collaborative work.”

Link to Presentation 

Project link

Merit Award for Residential Design

or a townhouse development in Royal Harbor, Naples FL. The townhouses are actually mostly complete, pending CEO, but we decided to submit the project as Un-Built Design. The soon to be released built photos will showcase the architecture and design even better than the renderings. From the jury: ” This project, involving the adaptation of existing urban fabric to higher-density residential uses, demonstrates serious attention to existing scale and typology.”

Link to Presentation 

Project Link


The Design Awards are given each year to AIA SWFL members to encourage excellence in architecture, to elevate public consciousness of good design, and to recognize those owners, designers, and contractors whose work enriches the built environment. The program recognizes both great design and outstanding individuals who contribute to the advancement of the profession.The list of all the winning projects and design awards will be posted on the local AIA SWFL site http://www.aiaflasw.org/ 

Congratulations to all!