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EARTHDAY and Sustainable Practices

Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day is a reminder to us all, to be more mindful on how we use our resources.

Hlevel is committed to Green Design Practices.

Hlevel Architecture has provided sustainable practices and services, ever since it started in 2010. Our firm looks to promote the design of healthy environments and smart energy consumption.

In addition to this, Hlevel offers building certifications, such as LEED, Energy Star or Florida Green Building Coalition .

These rating systems help guide clients and builders through-out construction, and can also increase the buildings market value.

Each day, we discover new and better options for green design . That is why it is important for our team to stay up to date on sustainability developments through continuing education.

Hlevel’s Commitment

Hlevel is ready to help with all points outlined previously.

These include:

-Raising awareness of sustainability issues.

-Assist clients in adopting eco-friendly and eco-safe practices.

-Help create healthy living spaces by reducing toxins and harmful chemicals.

-Serve as an information hub.

Check out some of our LEED certified homes

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