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15080 Livingston Rd, Naples, FL 34109





date of completion

Jul 2019




2600 SF

A Makerspace for a growing audience

The directors of the Golisano Children’s Museum in Naples, Florida were looking to make some changes to the young museum. Only five years old, the museum openedĀ in 2012 and has attracted many visitors ever since. But as the kids visiting the Children’s museum grow, the need to expand and adapt does too. Specifically, they felt that the second floor was underutilized and that they needed a great space to attract the “older” kids, ranging from 7-12 in age.
With the addition of a new Makerspace, the Museum is doing just that: plan a great space where kids can build, create and dream.While the Makerspace is just the first phase of a more extensive remodel of the second floor, it will be one of the most exciting changes.

The entry to the Maker space greets visitors with a big moving LED signage, which will inform about ongoing projects and events. A big red wall will display projects, while the glass wall will let people peek into the room.

A new mezzanine loft is the highlight of the renovation and will for sure attract curious minds. In order to use the terrace more, Hlevel envisions to use big folding door openings to let the “outside in.” A new trellis structure will not only protect the deck from the Florida sun but also harvest the sun with photovoltaic panels which will power the exterior fans, light, and art-experiments.
Construction begins summer 2018.

Articles about the new design and Museum: