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7100 Davis Blvd, Naples FL.




1,600 SF

Hlevel Architecture were asked to redesign the 1st and 2nd floor Resource and Library Center. The aim is to create an innovative visual arts and maker center for all campus students.

First Floor – 8000SF

The first floor is to be completely redesigned and reimagined. This means creating “innovative learnings” break out areas and adding maker space elements. This includes:

Greater areas of “open space” and circulation. Larger entry doors/overhead garage doors for indoor-outdoor activities and loading. New exciting lobby features. New flooring/lighting. Glass/plexiglass dividing wall. Lab centers and power tool work spaces. Creating more storage. Improving ventilation, lighting.  Providing access to water, electricity, cleaning stations. Creating collaboration spaces/break out centers. Providing broadcasting/greenscreen room spaces, with enclosed glass walls/storage. Adding a lower education library/reading area.

Second Floor – approx. 8,000 SF.

The upper space rooms is to be transformed into additional educational spaces. This includes :-

Computer labs, Music rooms and break out studios. Areas that require more quiet and peace for the students.