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SOLAR SERIES / PART 1 – Solar – Where are we right now?

The Solar Promise – let’s save the world together?

Another record year of temperatures. A phrase we are hearing again and again. Something needs to change, right?  Here at Hlevel Architecture we can help you make that positive change. https://hlevel.info

The Sun! We see it every day! It warms us, it sustains us, and it is the catalyst of life. The key component of photosynthesis; a plants ability to generate food from carbon dioxide and water. To provide all living things with oxygen, our life line to survival.

However, as climate change becomes more prevalent. Our planet slowly gets hotter and hotter from a depleting ozone layer. Decaying from the battering of emissions and fossil fuels burning and our life giving sun could also become our destroyer. Yet in the battle against global warming, it could also be a crucial part of the puzzle to help protect our planet and ensure our survival.

In the race to seek alternative sources of energy able to sustain our fast paced, technological and electric powered lives, we are turning towards the sun as an energy source to replace the burning of fossil fuels.

The Rise of Solar Power

Let’s dig deeper. Commercially introduced in 1909 in California. It has only been since the 1970s, that solar power, with a continuing decrease in price over the next few decades of  photovoltaic or PV cells (the cells that generate an alternating current, which is the main source of electricity in the U.S). That it is NOW, solar power has become a recognizable and affordable alternative in society.


So where are we at currently?

As far as we can see solar power offers enormous promise as a non-carbon-emitting energy resource. “However, in the U.S. today, less than 1% percent of our total energy supply – roughly 1.6% of our electricity – comes from the sun. Accelerating the shift to an economy substantially fueled by solar and other renewable energy resources will demand major policy changes at all levels of government. The technology, however, is largely at hand.” quoted from https://www.yaleclimateconnections.org/topic/energy/

We all know the huge benefits of adopting solar power in our day to day existence, but are there any downsides?

Look to part 2 of our Solar series to discover more.