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SOLAR SERIES – Part 2 -How to go Solar in Florida

So far in this series we have discovered the reasons to adopt solar power and the origins of solar energy. Now we need to know the ways we can go solar in Florida.

YES, things ARE changing and here in Florida it is getting easier and easier to make that change for the better and there are incentives for you to do so.

The 3 ways to take up solar energy:-

There currently are three ways to adopt solar power in Florida. As provided by Florida power and Light (FPL) and it is a very positive thing. In addition to the environmental benefits, there is currently a tax incentive of a credit of 30% until end 2019 and then this reduces to 26% from 2019 to 2021 for private panels.

So I would get in now if I were you to reap the benefits?

It would be stupid not to? Yes? No?

Your first option is to go private.

FPL – Solar Private

This enables the customer to install their own private panels. A service Hlevel can help you with Hlevel Architecture Sustainable Practices. Providing guidance in the sourcing, purchasing and incorporation of solar energy in your new home design. They aim to design healthy environments and provide smart energy consumption.

But, why do this?

Firstly, private panels are exempt from sales tax

Panels are protected by The Florida Solar Rights Act – “Florida law forbids any entity – including homeowner associations—from prohibiting the installation of solar or other renewable energy devices on Florida buildings“. https://www.flaseia.org/education/solar-laws/

What is the return on your investment? Florida is not called the Sunshine state for nothing. The sun will not be hard to find. Therefore, the return depends on the size of your system. But, let’s look at the figures as shown at https://www.solar-estimate.org/solar-panels/florida

Florida solar power facts

$3.39 / watt – Average cost of a 5kw (5000 watts) solar power system in 2019. Price shown before incentives

9 Years 8 Months. Average payback time

$49,074. Average lifetime savings. Price shown after repayments of capital

7¢/kWh. Levelized cost of solar energy

24¢/kWh. Price if you don’t get solar. The forecast average utility price over the next 25 years

13,134/kWh. Annual power production

So looking at the figures it makes sense to reap the benefits to install your own. No?

But what other options are there?

FPL – Solar Now

But, why do this?

This is a fabulous community based program.

Generated by only adding a mere $9 a month to your bill.

The donated money goes towards the building of community solar programs such as in parks, zoos, museums and schools.

Clean renewable energy produced by these projects gets fed back to the energy grid for use by all.

It is the perfect and affordable way you can help your local area, for just 30 cents a day.

Locally, Naples zoo is part of this community scheme as well as North Collier Park.

How else can we adopt solar power in our lives?

FPL – Solar together

This is an exciting and new initiative that is to be introduced in the autumn 2019 to give everyone the chance to access to solar power, with ease and flexibility.

How will this work?

Set to be the largest community solar program in the country which could generate roughly $139 million dollars in net savings.

This scheme is “available whether you rent or own your home or business.

Leveraging the economies of scale, FPL will install and maintain new solar power plants, providing a cost-effective alternative for customers.” – taken from the FPL website at https://www.fpl.com/energy-my-way/solar/solartogether-res.html

There will be no upfront costs. Just select a monthly program that fits your budget and receive credits on your bill for the savings generated.

It can move with you when you move homes.

To read more about this hugely exciting project, which looks set to be a major win for Florida’s environment and a huge leap forward for its sustainability, click on this link https://www.solarpowerworldonline.com/2019/03/fpl-proposing-nations-largest-community-solar-program/ 

Next up on our Solar series we are set to look at the