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Hlevel Architecture Office move

Hlevel is excited to announce our recent move to a new Naples, Florida office location, just across from the Waterside Shops at the Corner of Pine Ridge Road and U.S.41. We occupied one of the brand new office suites at the Eleven10 Executive Suites. The office is part of collaborative workspace, meaning we share office amenities with other companies and individuals while enjoying a fun, thriving work community. The design is right to our taste as well because Hlevel was the architect behind the trendy, modern design.

BUILD LLC was the contractor for this 3,800-square-foot professional space which consists of two floors, 15 offices, a café area, a lounge, and an open work area. BUILD remodeled the interior space of an existing building including combining two suites to complete this open collaborative workspace located at 1110 Pine Ridge Road.


We look forward to having you visit our new office soon! The new address is:


Hlevel Architects

1110 Pine Ridge Road

Suite 201

Naples, FL34108