Naples Park Renovation and Addition


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Naples Park




Equinox Construction Group, LLC.

date of completion

Feb 2024


1,974 SF

Naples Park in Collier County is an older but popular neighborhood, characterized by its grid design, small rectangular lots, and vicinity to the beach. Most homes were built in the late 70-ies and are modest in size and appearance. Most of the older dwellings are being demolished to create new and much bigger homes.The client acquired one of these homes, a 1,000 Sf single-story cottage but did not intend to demolish it. Being an active couple, who loves sports and the outdoors, they wanted to create more outdoor living space and a gym that would open directly to the pool deck. The bedroom suite with bath would be then on the second floor.The challenge consisted of working with the existing, keeping the original living room and kitchen intact, adding the new spaces, and creating a new curb appeal while working on a tight budget and time frame.What made the project interesting to us was to show that with a simple alteration the overall curb appeal could be transformed while trying to tread lightly on the existing context, especially in times of material shortages and environmental concerns.