Our award-winning firm truly believes we are masters of extracting what you are thinking/feeling and transferring that into a design and subsequently built environment. We offer Best Architect Interior Designer BID & Construction Administration Services In Florida, maintaining state-of-art design technology. We meet client needs on projects of all sizes. level offers complete design services for new construction, renovations, rehabilitations, and additions. Take a look at all the services we have to offer.

  • Architecture Design

    At Hlevel we blur the boundaries between art and science to create beautiful/ smart spaces.

    We work in a phased approach (Conceptual, Schematic, Design Development, and Construction Documents) providing detailed drawings, 3d models and virtual walk throughs to better understand the spaces

    • Residential (single family & multifamily)
    • Commercial Buildings (retail, office, corporate, and more)
    • Health Care Facilities
    • Civic Buildings
    • Government Facilities
    • Subcontracting Services to other Architectural/Engineering Firms
  • Planning

    Having a vision and long term plan is critical for a successful project. We are masters of developing a design that balances and harmonizes all facets and phases required by: synthesizing the goals, code requirements, and merging the infrastructure with the vertical construction.

    • Master Planning for Residential and Commercial Developments on a Regional or Neighborhood Scale
    • Zoning/Land Use Analysis & Regulation Preparation Entitlement Services
    • Design Charettes/Public Outreach
    • Due Diligence Reports
    • Local, State, and Federal Permitting
  • Interior Design

    In order to create a well-integrated, built environment, we believe the interior spaces and materials shall combine function, beauty, comfort, efficiency, and durability.

    • Residential (single family & multifamily)
    • Commercial Buildings (retail, office, corporate, and anything else)
    • Health Care Facilities
    • Civic Building
    • Government Facilities
    • Subcontracting Services to other Architectural/Engineering Firms
  • Sustainability

    Environmentally conscious architecture in Florida is relative to its environment, its economy and the ability to maintain a healthy interior environment. While Hlevel provides green rating for its designs like LEED, and the Florida Green Building Coalition, the firm goes beyond the rating system and creates a new outlook of long lasting, responsible design choices made based on a solid return on investment. Plans that integrate sustainability principles reduce costs and risk, raise productivity, produce innovative outcomes and enhance the client’s social responsibility and create healthier environments.

    • LEED Certification
    • Florida Green Building Coalition Certification
    • Life Cycle Cost Analysis
  • Construction Services Management

    In order to maintain the design intent, the client’s investment, the construction schedule and quality, we can perform the following services

    • Perform site visits as required and prepare field reports
    • Answer questions from the Contractor
    • Shop drawings and Submittal Review
    • Issue supplemental instructions
    • Process owner changes
    • Handle construction documentation (change orders, payment applications, etc)
    • Enforce the Construction Documents and ensure design intent is met.
    • Prepare a punch list of items at Substantial Completion
    • Photograph the project
    • Archive all project documentation
  • Bid & Construction Contract Administration

    Of course everybody has a budget and we will work with you to obtain accurate and complete construction costs. As well as assisting you in finalizing the contract with the builder, including but not limited to the following types of processes:

    • Negotiated contracts
    • Contractor referral
    • Contractor budgeting and construction costs
    • Bid Contracts
    • Bid materials for multiple qualified contractors
    • Supervise the bid process
    • Bid Submittal Analysis
  • Graphic Design and Visualizations

    We can provide graphic design services as well as stunning architectural renderings in a myriad of styles, from hand drawn to photo realistic that can be used for presentations, marketing, sales, or design analysis.

    • Architectural Renderings
    • Site and Floor Plans
    • Building Elevations
    • 3D Views
    • Construction Details
    • Animations
    • 3D walk throughs and/or fly by animation
    • Logo, Brochure, and Branding Design
  • Landscape and Hardscape

    We provide a balanced, aesthetically pleasing, and low-maintenance solution between the built environment and nature. We provide designs for landscaping that integrates seamlessly with the architecture and select species of plants that correspond with the environment

    • Site analysis and feasibility studies
    • Community thematic design
    • Hardscape and streetscape design
    • Development program strategies
    • Design guidelines
    • Community master planning
    • Amenity planning and design
    • Sustainable landscape design
    • Planting design
    • Green Roof Design