H(olistic) LEVEL

Like the word LEVEL that can be read front and back depending on how you look at the word, so is our attitude to architecture. It is not one-directional or linear. Our approach to architecture is holistic. We do not distinguish between architecture, landscape design, interior design and sustainability when we work on a project. The different design levels intersect and become one and will be looked at as a whole.


  • Michaela Reiterer Henning


    Michaela Henning was born in Merano, Italy, where she grew up surrounded by the Italian Alps and influenced by a mixture of Italian, Austrian and Swiss design. She completed her architectural studies in Venice/Italy and Graz/Austria with a master’s degree and became a licensed architect in Italy. After various work experiences in architecture firms in Italy and Austria, she moved to Naples, Florida, where she has worked in renowned design firms in the area, helping them win several Design Awards.
    Michaela's working experience is diverse in project type and scale. Her past projects include commercial, hospitality, residential, interiors and urban planning, as well as graphic design.
    As an active member of the AIA Florida Southwest chapter she helped establish the Emerging Professionals AIA SWFL component. Michaela also served in the community at large by being involved in fundraising events as well as efforts to create a community for young adults with autism or disabilities.
    Michaela founded Hlevel in 2010 with the idea to focus on unique and modern projects with emphasis on sustainability and the projects natural context.

  • Brandt Henning


    Brandt Henning is a Florida-registered and NCARB-certified Architect. He received his architectural degree in 2003 from Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. Growing up in a family of architects, artists, and inventors – design is in his blood. With over 11 years of experience in southwest Florida, he has been a key team member of the design and construction of a wide range of projects including residential, commercial, civic, and planning. He has been instrumental in the development of several award winning designs from the American Institute of Architects, including in 2009 when he received a prestigious AIA Florida/Caribbean Design Award of Merit and in 2007 Brandt was named AIA Florida Southwest’s Chapter Individual of the Year.

  • Testimonials

    Build, LLC

    “HLevel Architects are not just great architects/designers, they are amazing listeners. They really take the time to understand a clients’ vision and translate that quickly into a build-able design. We can’t recommend them enough.”


    Ettie Zaklos

    Director Naples Preschool of the Arts

    “My husband and I could not have happier with HLevel architecture, We were extremely pleased with the quick turnaround, proffesionalism and attention to details and most importantly the extra time, attention and effort in making sure that we were happy every step of the way”

    H(igh) LEVEL

    HLevel strives to be a leader in high performance architecture in the Naples, Florida as well as nationally and internationally . The company philosophy is simple as we want to create high level, beautiful, unique architecture that is integrated in its environment in a harmonious way.