We are the best architect, interior design, BID & construction administration Award Winning Firm in Naples, Florida specializing in innovative design solutions with a unique, value-oriented, and sustainable ideal. We focus on residential, commercial, civil and industrial architecture in domestic and international markets based out of Naples, FL. We are responsive and creative problem solvers that can quickly translate client needs into a cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing design. We strive to design buildings/spaces that seamlessly combine form, function, and feeling.

Blog Posts

  • Climate Bill and the Impact on Architecture.



    WE ARE ALL CONNECTED As architects, we always take into consideration how a building will impact the environment around it. This can be from something as simple to removing trees, or the materials we use, positioning of the home to the energy systems installed. Over the years we have written numerous articles on sustainable practices, […]

  • Late Summer News



    Endless Summers While Summers here in Southwest Florida usually tend to be slower and more relaxed, we have been busy here at Hlevel! … Well, that also includes some ‘busy’ summer fun with friends and family, traveling, and enjoying all that summer has to offer. Those ,who follow us know that it’s during the […]

  • ARTSY – TECTURE – Hlevel Spring News



    Spring has sprung, life has started to bloom with lifted covid regulations. Doors are being “flung open”, inviting you back inside. Welcoming one to explore, experience and once again reconnect with each other and ourselves. Encouraging, people to lift their faces to the sun and breathe through maskless mouths. Emerging butterflies, allowing us to sway […]

  • Gulfshore Life – HOME – Wood



    In a recent article published in Gulfshore Life HOME, the theme was about WOOD in homes.  A home designed by Hlevel Architects was fortunate enough to be featured in the article.  Starfish was a home that Hlevel Architecture provided full-service design. This included, interior design, landscaping and LEED certification.

  • Gulfshore Life – HOME – Hidden Oaks Residence



    Gulfshore Life – Home Magazine recently ran an article on one of our most unique homes. Hidden Oaks Residence was a heartfelt collaboration with Digsau Architects from Philadelphia. The client wanted a contained, compound style home, obscured by trees.  All the views came from the inside. It is an AIA award winning design. 

  • Gulfshore Life Magazine – HEART and SOUL



    We have recently been featured in Gulfshore Life.    A “soft” contemporary home designed by Hlevel Architecture and built by Trigon Builders on the Caloosahatchee River.  Boasting stunning views of the river, this 8000sqft, 5-bedroom home, is luxurious, but still entices a warm, at home feeling.  The home has everything one need to relax: – […]

  • Find Your Happy Space!



    2022 has begun, and the pandemic is now in its second year. For us all, living in the pandemic is now our “normal”! But thankfully, as humans, we are able to change quickly. We are able to adapt as needed to make an uncomfortable space, comfortable. We are recreating our happy space. A place where […]

  • Reasons to be Grateful



    What are you thankful for? Life keeps moving forward at a rapid pace and I cannot believe 2021 is entering its finale. If 2020 was a year of newness and change, then 2021 was the year of action, reflection, and positivity. 2021 celebrated the change of 2020, recognizing the good that has come from it, […]

  • GULFSHORE LIFE HOME – Case in Point



    “An athletic family channels their love for tennis into their modern Sanibel Island retreat by HLevel Architecture.” Interesting article, on a very custom and personal home we created for tennis lovers in Sanibel Island. Read the publication in Gulfshore Life Home and check out additional photos HERE

  • HLevel Architects – In the News



    We have had such a busy 6 months creating, that we have been slow to share some of the work we have had featured in local magazines.  Gulfshore life Magazine in particular. Attached are three fabulous articles that we have had some of our work highlighted in.  Click on image to expand and scroll…..   […]


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