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It has been a rewarding and successful ride so far here at Hlevel

We are a small but mighty design team working hard to bring our clients the results they seek. And I guess time flies when you are having fun, because we almost didn’t realize that 10 years have passed for us as Hlevel!

I had laid the grounds for the Hlevel company in 2011 as an independent design consultant. However, Hlevel Architecture kicked off officially in March 2013 when Brandt joined forces. Looking back, we have done amazing work! 

In 10 years…

-We worked on over 220 projects, ranging from small residential renovations to multi-million-dollar homes.

-Created planning studies as well as commercial projects, and partnered with clients and other renowned design studios from across the country.

-The best ‘success barometer’ are the repeat clients we gained. Word-of-mouth referrals kept us always busy and successful contractors hired us for their own personal projects (they had many other design professionals to choose from).

-Hlevel won over 20 design awards from the American Institute of Architecture (AIA) FLSW and AIA FL over the years.

-Last but not least, we did all this by maintaining a small but amazing team (which meant fewer people managing and more designing, which is what we love to do). We made it a priority to work on projects and with clients we truly enjoyed collaborating with. And we have been fortunate to connect with amazing people along the way!

It is difficult to select only 10 projects to highlight each year, but after some thought, here are our picks:

2013  Our first noteworthy project as a start-up was without a doubt the Bougainvillea Residence Remodel and Addition in Naples, FL. The client not believed in our abilities and gave us creative design freedom,  resulting in an exceptional project. The home earned us an AIA SWFL Design Award. The same client hired us for another residential design project later, which became our first LEED Silver-certified design.

2014 As we became more established, we attracted clients who shared our design ideals. A Midcentury Modern, Eichler-inspired home for a young family on a budget became our favorite project of that year. This project was right up our alley: unique, modern, and minimal, in an area where this type of design was not done before.

2015 We ventured out of Southwest Florida, and we worked on designs in other states, including L.A./ Beverly Hills in California, Michigan, North Carolina, and even internationally in Panama! The most noteworthy project that year: The Chicago Lofts. We had the opportunity to rehabilitate an existing, historic 4-story warehouse in Downtown Chicago into trendy City lofts!

2016That was the year we worked on some interesting commercial projects. My personal favorite was the new Inventors Lab for the Golisano Children’s Museum. I always wanted to work on a kids-centered design, so this was truly a rewarding project.

2017We moved our office to our current location at Pine Ridge Rd in Naples, FL. Brandt’s design for the new Synergy Suites turned out so modern and inviting, that we decided to relocate our office.

2018 We had been working on some outstanding, high-end homes by then. Several of these residences would be worth mentioning, but it is really the people involved that make all the difference. Creating the dream home for a young cardiologist’s family along the Caloosahatchee River in Ft Myers was one of these projects. Knowing they will enjoy that home for many years to come is what makes us happy.

2019 Big homes are fun, but we have also been always passionate about affordable, small-scale housing. In collaboration with a local builder, we had a chance to develop a series of smaller, budget-friendly home designs. One Modular Home earned us several design awards.

2020 oh boy… The year everything shut down! We started to work remotely from our homes. Our lives were put upside down, and that’s when the concept of HOME gained a new meaning. Exploring new ways of designing homes, working from home, and making homes a safe haven became a priority for many. A compound Estate residence we designed that year highlights this sentiment. The multi-layered residence is designed for live, play, and work.

2021 More compound-style residences hit the drafting board! Some commercial clients also started rethinking their offices and workspaces. Living in nature has become important, and that’s why I think the Westport Pods make the 2021 top list. Small living pods are centered around a common deck and circulation, creating a small living oasis within nature.

2022 We were lucky enough to work on several exceptional homes and commercial designs for most of the year. However, the landfall of Hurricane Ian in our region that fall forced us to pause again. Seeing how the community came together was a rewarding feeling. The Tennis Court House, another favorite of ours, is located on Sanibel Island. That island was hit the hardest by the storm. The tennis court and enclosure needed major repair, while the home itself is luckily fine!

2023 This will be the year we complete our very own residential design! We call it the H-Hub! Currently, under construction, the residence will feature a private home surrounded by nature and swampland and a detached studio loft. We can’t wait to share the result. What a way to top off 10 years of hard work!