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Social distancing – A Hlevel COVID 19 Update

Life changes can be positive!

It has been a strange and difficult start to Spring. Normally we see this as the season for growth, new life and transformation. For better or worse, as a society we have definitely seen many changes during March. We have had to implement a serious rethinking to the way we live, work, educate, shop and socialize. Which, in turn has led to immense growth and increased compassion within society and also for ourselves personally and we feel it is all positive.

Hlevel – Our COVID 19 Update.

It comes to no surprise that the instigator of this reconstruct to modern life is COVID 19. Sadly, in the current climate, we cannot write a blog without at least giving you an update of our current situation. First up, in case you were worried, we have enough toilet paper!

The greatest gift, these times have given us, is the unique opportunity for us to work together. To collaborate and help protect the vulnerable members of our society. By making small sacrifices in our own lives, we can ensure the health and safety of this high risk group. In addition we are able to protect the health of our family and friends. If as a society we adhere to the guidelines set by the CDC (Centers for Disease, Control and Prevention), our State Government and city. This means, self quarantining if sick, rigid social distancing if well and washing our hands properly. Hopefully, we can flatten the curve of this potentially fatal virus and eventually be able to move on with our lives. Albeit, we may decide to proceed at a far slower pace. Now that would be a positive change. No?

Remote Working with Clients.

remote working


At Hlevel we have meticulously adhered to the guidelines as set by the CDC and we are now fully geared up to work remotely with consultants and clients. We are able to video conference via

Slack, https://slack.com
Skype, https://www.skype.com/en/
WhatsApp, https://www.whatsapp.com/

So as they say, we are “business as usual”, sadly not in person, but hopefully soon we can meet you face to face.

Thank You.

Before, I wrap up with the Coronavirus update, we would like to thank everyone for their concern about our family and friends in Italy. We would like to share that they are hanging in there and are urging us to follow the set guidelines from the government. So, we can get out of this together and soon.