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Late Summer News

Endless Summers

While Summers here in Southwest Florida usually tend to be slower and more relaxed, we have been busy here at Hlevel! … Well, that also includes some ‘busy’ summer fun with friends and family, traveling, and enjoying all that summer has to offer.

Those ,who follow us know that it’s during the summer months that we draw renewed design inspiration, which we hopefully carry through the rest of the year to continue provide high quality design and service to all of you!

Now with school started for most kids, and September almost half on its way, summer feels ‘officially’ over and we are back to more rigid schedules and routines.

So, what have we been up to lately here at Hlevel?

Several of our local design projects are currently under construction! While that means the design part is done (yes, that’s what we love to do most), it’s great to see the architecture come to life. Depending on the agreement, we provide construction administration services on most of our projects, whether it is a weekly site visit on some projects or just ‘As needed’ on others.

We also started construction on our very first personal home, and are very excited to share progress on IG

There are also some new residential and commercial designs on the board. Some of these are with repeat clients and companies, which makes us feel extra proud and grateful for the opportunity!

All this tells us that life in the Florida sun keeps remaining desirable and many are making this area their new home. But while one of the draws of wanting to be here are the endless summers (and best beach sunsets), we locals are now waiting for that slight drop of humidity in the air that signals the ‘really official’ end of summer in Southwest Florida!