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Virtual Reality Architecture

A New [H]Level of Reality.


We can now take you inside, show you your new home, new office space, or new mixed-use development before it is even built. Thanks to the current accessibility of Virtual & Augmented Reality technology, such as the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Microsoft HoloLens. It truly is incredible to step inside of a detailed 3D building and be able to not just imagine what space feels like but to actually see, explore, and get completely immersed. It might be a hard concept to grasp at first if you are not familiar with the technology. However, thanks to a partnership with a technology firm located out of Florida, we’ve brought this experience right to you on your phone.


HLevel is always looking for progressive ways of visualizing architecture. We recently made the change to an advanced 3D software called ArchiCAD, a BIM (Building Information Modeling) software, capable of allowing us to visualize buildings on the screen with ease and in great detail. Logically the next step was to get inside these 3D models.

screenshot_2017-01-12-11-35-14Working with Augre Mixed Reality Technology

It’s been quite an experience developing a dedicated software for Hlevel. We worked closely with Augre Mixed Reality Technology, in developing a user-friendly, personal, collaborative, and expandable application for users. The app is called Architour. The key to creating the app was to give any of our clients the ability to view their design from anywhere, and to share their design on the cloud with friends and family, as well as to be a powerful marketing tool for office/rental properties. The application behaves like a tour, with people being able to join in from anywhere and on any handheld device to view the design. Any person inside the tour will be able to communicate using the microphone and speaker on their handheld device, and can even interact inside the tour with each other. We are happy to announce that Architour is available on the Google Play Store for Android, as well as on iTunes Connect for iOS (via email invite).



We are now including virtual reality as service for all of our future designs and have options to transform any 3D model we had previously designed, or someone else designed, into a virtual reality experience. For different kinds of virtual reality and augmented reality projects, you can also contact Augre Mixed Reality Technology directly via their website, Augre , or by email: Christian.French@augre.orglaserandtie