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SOLAR SERIES – Part 4 – Taking the ugly out of solar power.

Solar power is AWESOME, but can it be beautiful too?

We have worked our way through our “Solar Series” of articles. We now understand how fantastic solar power is for the environment, our pocket and generating our energy needs, in a responsible and sustainable way. Yet what about the design aesthetics?

Do you wrinkle your nose and think of those PV panels? Do they look ugly to you? YES? NO?

Designing your sustainable home

There you are, spending a substantial amount of money on your new home. It is essential that you take the time to work with the architect, to get it just right. To determined exactly what your design is and it is gorgeous to look at. Then, you start to incorporate your Photovoltaic (PV) panels and WHOMP, there goes on the ugly. Those things are not pretty.

Adding solar panels

Think again! At Hlevel architecture we are dedicated to blending together beautiful design and sustainable living. Those PV panels can be used to ENHANCE the look of your home. How you ask? Here is how.

Firstly, they can be adapted to provide shade in the Florida sun, as shown in Hlevel architects design at the Golisano Childrens Museum.


Then we have TESLA. A company dedicated to creating simple, advanced and fluid design to enhance your lifestyle. Like their sleek and minimal Tesla Power wall. Which is essentially a battery to store all the power your solar panels gather in the day. That is ready to use when that sun simmers down and the moon comes up, or if a storm hits. This wall can power you home for up to 7 days, yes 7 days, when power is lost. This is something Hlevel can also help you with.

PV panels can be integrated directly on to the building surface, so they are at one with the design. As in the stunning design of the Nursery + E in Marburg

How about blending them seamlessly in to the design. As shown in a house designed and built in Singapore, 36BTrd House by DP Architects. Here the panels are designed to flow with the home and cover the roof in an attractive array. Therefore, providing shade, a roof and power all in one solution.

As you can see, there are many ways, clever and thoughtful design can provide the solution to create an attractive incorporation of solar in to a new home or remodel.

Next steps to take

As solar power adoption in Florida picks up speed, here at Hlevel Architects we are the experts in holistic and biophilic architecture. The marrying of space and nature, providing a natural environment for living.


Therefore, we have the talent to blend your needs and the functionality of solar power, into an aesthetically pleasing design and home build.

AND, there you have it, solar power in a nutshell.

Admittedly, it is a huge subject and currently very prevalent to the protection of our planet. Want to know more about how to incorporate Solar in to the home? Please contact Hlevel Architecture, as we are here to help you create a beautiful, eco-conscious and sustainable way of living.

Ready to go Solar?

Next up I will delve into the serenity and beauty, of the new buzz concept in architecture. Biophilic design and practices.